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Mortgage Center
There are many steps to take when buying a home and one of the most important steps is obtaining financing. There is plenty of useful information available to help guide you and answer questions you may have. Our Mortgage Center helps point you in the right direction with information we've collected and links to viable resources.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding mortgages we highly suggest either speaking with a MARTOCCHIA REALTORS® agent or speaking with a representative from PRIMERATE MORTGAGE, LLC.

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Current Interest Rates
Low Credit Score Means High PMI - More than your mortgage rate will go up with a bad credit report. Your private mortgage insurance rate will jump, too.
Home Equity is Not Your Savings Account - It's not as accessible as you may need and, worse, it could disappear almost overnight.
Mortgage Interest Deduction Not Always Best - When analyzing whether to deduct your mortgage interest, you have to also consider the standard tax deduction and your tax rate, says Dr. Don.
Escaping an Underwater Mortgage - A combination of rising mortgage interest rates and falling home values could plunge thousands of homeowners underwater -- owing more than the homes are worth. We look at the options for those borrowers.
Understanding Equity Accelerator Mortgages - It's a mortgage, and a home equity loan, and it's another hot new loan product. But is it any good?
12 Financial Tips for Women - Too many elderly women live in poverty. These tips can keep you from being one of them.
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