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A Moving Experience: 10 Tips for a good move
7. Put different colored stickers on boxes sorted by room in your new home. Then place a matching colored balloon on the door of the appropriate room.
8. Pack a "survival box" of items you'll need immediately on arrival. This should include such items as light-bulbs, linens, garbage bags, soap, and tools. Don't pack it in the van.
9. Schedule your usual rounds. Get your haircut, car serviced, and prescriptions filled shortly before the move. This eases the pressure of finding new services right away.
10. Send out change-of-address cards. Creditors, insurance companies, friends, magazine subscriptions, and utility companies should be high on your list. Your local post office has change-of-address kits filled with cards and a helpful checklist. Leave a forwarding address with the post office when you know where your new home will be. And have a good, safe move.
1. Develop a master "to do" list. Your mover is sure to have one. Set up a calendar with dates keyed to when tasks on your list need to be completed.  
2. Sort through belongings and eliminate stuff you no longer need. Ask yourself, when was the last time I used this? How does it make me feel? What's the worst thing that could happen is I didn't have it? If you experience a great degree of hesitancy, keep it.  
3. Recycle belongings you're leaving behind. Garage sales are great for this as well as profitable. Donations to homeless shelters, hospitals, and schools also can be rewarding.  
4. Use up supplies that are not transportable. About a month before the move, use up cleaning supplies and eat your way through the freezer items.  
5. Pack "like" items together. Games, pet supplies, photos, and toys are some of the items that should be grouped by kind and packed together.  
6. Organize moving documents and place them in a portable file box to take with you on moving day. Keep important papers together: the moving registration number, the driver's name and vehicle number, and the name and phone number of the moving company at point of origin and destination; include your personal address book in case you need to reach someone.  
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